How can I Preview a Piece?




  • Malcolm Caldwell

    I think this part of the interface needs to be improved.  I have been using Metronaut for month or so, and it never occurred to me that you can click on the icon on the left to get a preview.

  • Arshia Cont

    Malcolm: You are definitely right about this! We are revising the entire interface of the catalog to improve this. If you have suggestions on how to make the preview feature more visible it would be very welcome.

    Thanks for your feedback! :)

  • Malcolm Caldwell

    Well, I am not a UI designer.... but here are my suggestions anyway:

    Perhaps a UI hint that this is a button to press.    Eg by either enclosing the icon in a colour so it looks like a button, or using other hints like lining it up with other buttons, or providing shadows or some such.

    There might be a way to make the icon look more like a score, but I suspect it would need to be bigger.

    Beyond that, I don't know that there is a well known iconic way of saying "preview".   So perhaps the word "preview" could be included (of course this would increase the burden of translation for different languages)


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